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Big Fortnite Map Changes Are Coming Soon

Fortnite map changes are something that a lot of players look forward to. Ever since the video game was released in September 2017, Epic Games has released numerous changes to the in-game island.

Fortunately, Chapter 3 – Season 4 will be another season with big changes to the Fortnite map. Chrome appeared at the start of the season and will try to take over the entire island, which is why there will be a lot of map changes.

The previous season of the popular video game had a lot of changes to the map as well. In Chapter 3 – Season 3, the Reality Tree spread all over the island and changed many locations. However, the tree seems to be dying now and Chrome will play a huge role instead.

In this article, we will reveal everything we know about the future Fortnite map changes that will be released very soon.

Fornite map changes will be released soon

The future Fortnite map changes will mostly be related to the Chrome expansion. A lot of popular landmarks will be moved to other locations to avoid getting infected by Chrome.

The movement of Blackheart’s ship from Lustrous Lagoon will be one of the biggest Fortnite map changes in Chapter 3 – Season 4. According to leaked images, the iconic ship will move to the bridge west of Rocky Reels.

 Fortnite map changes
Future Fortnite map changes will include the movement of Blackheart’s ship (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Lustrous Lagoon has been already affected by Chrome, but it appears that the ship will move away and lose the Chrome effect that allows players to phase through its walls.

The No Sweat Insurance building at Tilted Towers has gone through a lot. It managed to survive the complete destruction of the iconic place back in Chapter 1 – Season 8 and is still in the game in Chapter 3.

No Sweat Insurance will make sure to protect the valuable building from Chrome, which is why it will be moved away from Tilted Towers. One leaked image shows the building moving to Coney Crossroads.

The No Sweat Insurance building will move away from Tilted Towers (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Coney Crossroads will receive a lot more changes than this. Some of the other buildings in this location will be lifted to prevent Chrome infection. The image above shows Chrome reaching Coney Crossroads from two different sides.

It appears that several other floating platforms will be moving across the map. Considering that there will be many Fortnite map changes soon, there is a chance that Epic releases them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

New Fortnite update

According to Fortnite leakers, the first bigger update of Chapter 3 – Season 4 will be released on Monday, October 3. Considering that Reboot Rally challenges end on this day, this makes a lot of sense.

At the moment, there isn’t a lot of information available about the next Fortnite update. However, we expect it to bring several map changes, as well as changes to the balance of weapons.

Fortnite map changes
The upcoming Fortnite map changes will be caused by the Chrome expansion (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Furthermore, Epic Games showed the Explosive Goo Gun in the trailer for Chapter 3 – Season 4, and this weapon may be released with the next update as well. The upcoming weapon will be used for a weekly challenge, so its release should happen very soon.

The next Fortnite Halloween event is around the corner as well. It won’t be surprising if Epic releases some hints towards Fortnitemares 2022 on October 3.



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