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BREAKING: Massive Fortnite Live Event Leaks Just Came Out

Epic Games has decrypted Fortnite live event files at 9 AM Eastern Time. Due to this, many leakers have discovered and leaked all the important details regarding the “Fracture” event.

This article will reveal everything that has been leaked so far. Considering that all of these leaks come from game data, these leaks are 100% accurate. Because of this, please do not read the article as it will spoil the event for you.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains images regarding the next live event. Stop at this point if you don’t want to see spoilers. If you do, however, please keep scrolling.

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Fortnite live event spoilers

Epic Games will release a special starting lobby for the “Fracture” live event. This lobby will have several interesting details, including the Tilted Tower clock and the rocket the Visitor used during the first-ever live event.

Here is what the lobby will look like:

It appears that the starting island will be positioned right over the Chapter 3 – Season 4 island.

This can be seen in the image above, which shows the point of view Fortnite players will have during the event.

There are a few other important details that have been leaked. It appears that the Herald will get inside the Reality Tree and merge with it.

Furthermore, Abductors from Chapter 2 – Season 7 will return as well. They play a huge role in the “Sky Fire” live event and will return for the end of Chapter 3.

Fortnite players will also be able to complete several quests during the live event. This will most likely happen during the early phase of the event, which is why it will last longer than usual.

Here are some of the most important quests:

  • Throw a chicken into the Zero Point and bring back the proof
  • Find and collect Zero Fragments
  • Talk to Bushranger
  • Interact with a strange tree
  • As a beachball, knock another beachball off an island

These quests indicate that the Zero Point will be exposed during the live event. Furthermore, Bushranger will play a huge role in it. Considering that he’s already been in contact with the Reality Tree, this isn’t surprising.

Finally, there is a chance that players will be able to turn into props during the “Fracture” live event.



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