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Chrome Punk Is Finally Out – Here Is How To Get It for Free

Chrome Punk is a free Fortnite Battle Royale skin that was first revealed with the release of the v22.20 update. This update, which was released on October 18, added a lot of new content to the game, including the Fortnitemares 2022 event.

Unfortunately, Epic Games did not release the Chrome Punk outfit right away. Fortnite leakers revealed that the outfit would be obtainable for free, yet Epic decided to postpone its release.

Thanks to the v22.30 update, the outfit is now available in the game and you can earn it. The best thing is that the outfit will remain in the game until the next year, which means that you have more than enough time to unlock it.

How to get Chrome Punk Fortnite skin for free

Chrome Punk quests were released as soon as Fortnite servers came back up. These quests can be accessed from the quest log and you have two months to complete them and earn the exclusive skin.

Many players are already familiar with Chrome Punk as this character was the objective of several Fortnitemares 2022 quests. Players had to visit Flutter Barn to interact and dance with the character in order to complete the exclusive challenges.

Chrome Punk was the objective of several Fortnitemares 2022 quests (Image Credit: Epic Games)

To unlock the Chrome Punk skin, you simply need to gain 50 account levels. To gain an account level, you simply need to play the game and level up. Some players are confused about what exactly an account level means, but it’s simply a total of all the levels you gain throughout seasons.

If you are at level 200 right now, you will need to either reach level 250 to unlock the skin, or reach 20 levels in this season and 30 levels in Chapter 3 – Season 5. You do not have to complete the quest in the current season, which is what makes these quests very easy.

Chrome Punk comes with more free rewards

Besides the free Fortnite outfit, you are also able to earn two other cosmetic items, a back bling and loading screen. These cosmetic items can also be unlocked very easily and you will obtain them before you unlock the new skin.

To receive the free back bling, you will have to gain 10 account levels before January 1, 2023. The loading screen will require you to level up 25 times.

Chrome Punk comes with two other cosmetic items (Image Credit: Epic Games)

If you want to level up as quickly as possible, check out some of our Fortnite XP glitches. Additionally, make sure to complete all the weekly quests as each quest grants 20,000 XP.

Keep in mind that these challenges will be available until January 1, 2023. If you do not complete them by then, you will not be able to earn the skin for free. However, there is a slight chance that Epic Games will release it to the Item Shop at some point.



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