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Earn 2 Million XP With New Fortnite XP Map

The new Fortnite XP map is perfect for anyone who wants to level up passively. It awards up to 2 million XP, meaning that players can level up more than 20 times with it.

What makes the new XP map so perfect is the amount of experience players can get from it. During a four-hour Fortnite Creative session, it is possible to gain more 20-30 levels by doing absolutely nothing.

We will provide a guide for the new Fortnite XP map and explain everything you need to do to benefit from it. Considering that this glitch is one of the best, Epic Games will probably patch it very soon.

New Fortnite XP map provides quick leveling

To benefit from the latest Fortnite XP glitch, you will have to follow a couple of easy steps. By following these steps, you will simply set up the game to give you as much XP per second as possible.

If you want to gain Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4 Battle Pass levels passively, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Launch Fortnite
  • Open the game mode selection
  • Go to the Island Code tab
  • Enter 4918-6059-9710 as the code
  • Join the Creative map through Private matchmaking
  • Find the invisible button in the corner beside the XP Shop
  • Interact with the AFK XP button

Once you perform these steps, you will start to gain XP. However, you will only gain a couple of hundred XP per second, which is decent, but not a lot. Fortunately, the new Fortnite XP map allows you to further multiply the experience from it.

You will have to find another invisible button that is located on the edge near the telephone boot. This button will teleport you to a secret room with a countdown.

Fortnite XP map
New Fortnite XP map grants a lot of XP (Image Credit: Epic Games)

This is the part where you will have to wait. Once the countdown hits 0, you will see two characters on the ramp in front of you. Approach those characters and interact with them to gain even more XP.

Once you interact with one character, you will be teleported back to the main arena. Simply use the invisible button next to the telephone booth to return to the secret room and interact with another character.

More ways to get XP

This Fortnite XP map is perfect for getting passive XP. Once you do all the steps above, you can simply sit back and let the game level you up on its own. However, there are some things you can do to increase the XP you can from the glitch.

As soon as you interact with the two characters, interact with the XP Shop button and visit the tomato head room on the right side. In this room, you can pick up the gold Fortnite coin which will grant you a few thousand XP immediately.

Fortnite XP map contains a gold coin that gives you a few thousand XP instantly (Image Credit: Epic Games)

After picking up the coin, you can destroy tomato heads and get XP for it. Additionally, there are a lot of chickens and bots that can be eliminated for gold. They respawn every few seconds, so you can eliminate them for gold and then exchange gold for XP.

Furthermore, the Fortnite XP glitch allows you to pick up the fishing pole and fish Metal which can be exchanged for XP as well.

Finally, the XP shop contains a huge XP button. This button can be used every 30 minutes and it gives a few thousand XP instantly. It’s similar to the gold coin, but can be used multiple times.

Are Fortnite XP glitches bannable?

In Chapter 3 – Season 4, Fortnite XP glitches are not bannable. Feel free to use the new Fortnite XP map to gain XP and level up as Epic Games does not mind players who use it.

So far, no one has been banned for using XP glitches. However, there is a chance that Epic Games makes this a bannable offense in the future.

Fortnite XP glitch
Fortnite XP glitches have been around for a long time and Epic has never cracked down on them (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Even if this happens, there is nothing to worry about. Before a potential ban, you will be either kicked out of the game or given a warning by Epic Games.

Considering that Fortnite XP maps are harmless and don’t ruin the fun for other players, using them is not considered a serious offense.



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