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Epic Games Announces Important Info Regarding Next Fortnite Season, Promises XP Boost

Fortnite Battle Royale players are currently enjoying all the new content brought with the v23.40 update. The update was released on Tuesday, February 14, and has added several new features.

The Most Wanted event is amazing as it’s brought many new Exotic weapons. Furthermore, players can unlock many new cosmetic items for free, including the Gold Blooded skin.

Epic Games did not only release a fantastic update on Tuesday, but also posted an important announcement regarding the next Fortnite season on Wednesday. Epic has also promised a massive XP boost to players.

Next Fortnite season was changed by Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 Battle Pass concept

Originally, Epic Games was supposed to end Chapter 4 – Season 1 on Friday, March 10. However, the video game developer decided to change this ending date to March 8, which is something a lot of players will be excited to hear.

The new season of the popular video game will bring a lot of new features and a new Battle Pass. Furthermore, Epic may also release the first-person game mode with it.

Finally, Epic Games announced a massive leveling boost to all Fortnite players. Starting March 2, all the players who log in will receive Supercharged XP that will help them finish the Battle Pass.

Supercharged XP allows players to level up 10 times faster, so this will be a nice treat at the end of the season.



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