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Epic Games Drastically Buffs EvoChrome Shotgun With New Fortnite Update

The EvoChrome Shotgun has been one of the most popular weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4. The weapon is almost identical to the Tactical Shotgun, a fan-favorite weapon from Chapter 1.

What makes this weapon unique is its ability to self-upgrade by dealing damage. Players who pick up the EvoChrome Shotgun in Uncommon (Green) rarity can upgrade it all the way to the Mythic rarity by simply using it on their enemies.

Earlier in the season, Epic Games buffed the weapon by lowering the amount of damage required to get an upgrade. However, the latest Fortnite update has drastically nerfed the weapon damage.

Thanks to the new buff, the EvoChrome Shotgun is currently the best weapon in the game. Let’s check the latest buff in detail!

EvoChrome Shotgun is the best Fortnite shotgun at the moment

With the release of the v22.20 update on Tuesday, October 18, Epic Games has increased the damage of the EvoChrome Shotgun. The damage was not only buffed for close range, but also for medium and long ranges.

Each rarity of the shotgun has been buffed as well. Considering that it’s much easier to obtain higher rarities, there is no doubt that the EvoChrome Shotgun is much stronger than any other close-range weapon currently in the game.

EvoChrome Shotgun
The Uncommon EvoChrome Shotgun was buffed by five points (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The damage output of each rarity of the weapon was buffed by at least five points, which you can see in the image above. Epic Games has also buffed the damage for medium and long ranges, but these buffs are insignificant.

Rare / Blue8591
Epic / Purple8996
Legendary / Gold94100
Mythic / Yellow98105

As you can see in the table above, the other rarities of the popular weapon have received significant buffs as well. The Rare (Blue) rarity now deals more damage than the Epic (Purple) rarity used to deal before the latest Fortnite update.

The Mythic variant of the EvoChrome Shotgun dealt 98 damage before the update, but the Legendary (Gold) variant now deals more damage than that.

Keep in mind that these are damage changes for body shots only. The Fortnite weapon has a headshot multiplier of 1.75, which means that the Mythic variant of it can deal up to 184 damage per shot, up from 171.

These buffs are massive and there is no doubt that a lot of players will start using the EvoChrome Shotgun from now on. The weapon is extremely easy to use and those who master it are able to easily eliminate their opponents.




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