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Epic Games Drastically Buffs Two Fortnite Weapons

Epic Games released some big changes with a hotfix on Thursday, September 29. The Fortnite Battle Royale developer drastically buffed two weapons in Chapter 3 – Season 4.

The two weapons are the EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle. They were released with the new season and have become much better with the latest update.

Besides the buff, these weapons will be available more frequently from loot sources, even their Legendary (Gold) variants.

Thanks to this big Fortnite buff, Fortnite players will most likely start using the new weapons more often. These last changes are drastic and could easily make the EvoChrome weapons very popular.

Fortnite buffs EvoChrome weapons

At the start of the season, EvoChrome weapons were only available from Chrome Chests. These chests can be found in Chrome areas, such as Lustrous Lagoon, and players could turn regular chests into Chrome Chests with a Chrome Splash.

Shortly after, Epic Games made a small change that made these weapons available as floor loot. The latest change, however, is massive.

Fortnite buff
Fortnite buffs EvoChrome weapons with the latest update (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The thing that makes EvoChrome weapons unique is their ability to self-upgrade. Basically, players can evolve these weapons by simply dealing damage to them.

Thanks to this feature, it is possible to pick up an Uncommon (Green) weapon and evolve it all the way to the Mythic (Yellow) rarity. However, the previous requirement for evovling the weapons was relatively high and was reduced with the latest patch.

Here are the new requirements for evolving EvoChrome weapons:

  • Uncommon to Rare: 215 -> 100
  • Rare to Epic: 500 -> 200
  • Epic to Legendary: 850 -> 400
  • Legendary to Mythic: 1800 -> 1200
EvoChrome weapons are much better now (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Upgrading an EvoChrome weapon from Uncommon to Epic (Purple) rarity now requires only 300 damage, which can be done on a single target. This means that players will have higher rarities of these weapons more often now.

Before the big Fortnite buff, players needed to deal 1,800 damage to upgrade the weapon all the way to the Mythic rarity. Now, this requirement is only 1,200 damage, which can be done easily.

Besides the evolution buff, Epic Games has drastically changed another thing about these new weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4.

More buffs to EvoChrome weapons

Until September 29, EvoChrome weapons were available in only Uncommon rarity. Players had to start at this rarity and evolve weapons all the way to Mythic.

The latest Fortnite update, however, has completely changed this. The weapons can now be found in almost every single rarity. The only exception is Mythic EvoChrome weapons, but considering that the damage requirement has been lowered, they can be easily evolved.

EvoChrome weapons
EvoChrome weapons will not be available more frequently as floor loot (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Furthermore, the floor loot spawn rate of EvoChrome weapons has been increased with the Fortnite update as well.

Evolving the EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle is much easier now, which could make these weapons very popular. It’s important to note that the weapons can be evolved by dealing damage to wildlife and NPCs, not only to enemy players.

Lastly, the weapon can be upgraded much faster in Duos, Trios, and Squads. Players can deal 100+ extra damage with it to knocked targets.

EvoChrome weapons
Fortnite players will most likely use EvoChrome weapons more frequently after the latest update (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The next Fortnite Battle Royale update will be released on Tuesday, October 4. There is a chance that Epic Games will release even more weapon balance changes with it.

Considering that we are still early in the season, we can expect the Fortnite developer to release a few more buffs or nerfs in the future. At the moment, EvoChrome weapons are very powerful and their pick rate will most likely skyrocket.



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