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Epic Games Just Banned Thousands of Fortnite Accounts, Here Is Why

Epic Games has always taken cheating seriously, which is why the latest Fortnite ban wave affected tens of thousands of accounts. A lot of players have exploited recent glitches, which is why Epic decided to put an end to it.

On Thursday, December 22, many Fortnite players lost access to their accounts. Most of the players received only a 12-hour ban, but some have been banned for a longer period due to repeated offenses.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the latest Fortnite ban wave. If your account has been banned, the article will reveal the reason.

Fortnite creator bans thousands of players for exploiting glitches


Epic Games has a zero-tolerance policy for hackers and cheaters. Due to this, the video game creator is well known for getting rid of such players, and even taking them to the court in some rare instances.

When it comes to exploiting glitches, Epic’s stance depends on how serious these exploits are. For example, using XP glitches in Creative maps is fine, but an using invisibility glitch to win games is definitely not and is a bannable offense.

Epic Games banned players for using the AK Discord bot to gain XP and play limited-time game modes. This bot allowed players to also buy unreleased items from the Item Shop, which is another serious offense.

It’s also important to note that players had to pay $5 to use the bot, which makes the entire situation much worse.

As we reported a few days ago, some players received billions of Supercharged XP from this bot. Fortunately, the bot required players to link their Epic Games accounts, which is why a lot of them refused to do it.

If you’ve been banned for 12 hours, keep in mind that your next ban will last longer. Additionally, using Discord bots for these glitches is against the rules, which is why Epic Games will have more ban waves in the future.



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