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Epic Games Nerfs Shockwave Hammer In Fortnite, Reduces Its Charges

Shockwave Hammer is the most popular Fortnite item in Chapter 4 – Season 1. The item is amazing for both damage and mobility, which is why a lot of players have complained about it.

While the damage of the item isn’t massive, many players don’t like that it’s extremely easy to move around the island with the hammer. Due to this, it is often used to run away from fights.

Fortunately, Epic Games has listened to all the complaints by players. As a consequence, the Shockwave Hammer has been nerfed with a hotfix on Friday, January 13. This article will explain everything you need to know about it.

Shockwave Hammer is no longer the most effective Fortnite weapon


Before the hotfix, the Shockwave Hammer had four charges with a 20-second countdown. This means that, after players wasted all of the charges, they would need to wait 80 seconds (a minute and 20 seconds) to get the charges back.

Unfortunately for the players who enjoyed using the Shockwave Hammer, its charges have been nerfed with the latest update. More specifically, there are three charges now, but the cooldown timer has remained the same.

There is good news, however.

The Mythic Shockwave Hammer, which can be obtained by eliminating The Ageless at The Citadel, has remained unchanged. This weapon has five charges, meaning that it’s nearly two times better than the Epic/regular hammer.

This is the second time that Epic Games has nerfed the weapon. The original variant of the weapon had a 15-second reload time, but it was nerfed to 20 seconds shortly after Chapter 4 – Season 1 was released.

It will be interesting to see if Epic makes more changes to the item in the future. However, considering that it has no more bugs and that it’s relatively balanced, it should be fine now.



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