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Epic Games Teases Players With Fortnite Chapter 4 Map

Fortnite Chapter 4 will most likely be released in late 2023. However, Epic Games has already teased players with the potential map that will be released for the new chapter of the video game.

There have been rumors that the new chapter could begin in December 2022. However, this is very unlikely as Chapter 3 hasn’t been out for even a year so far.

While we will definitely get Chapter 3 – Season 5 in December, we at least have an idea of what the Fortnite Chapter 4 map will look like. This article will reveal everything we know about it and the map hint by Epic Games.

Fortnite Chapter 4 map teased by Epic Games

With the release of the v22.30 Fortnite update, Epic Games allowed players to unlock The Herald. The Herald is the main antagonist of Chapter 3 – Season 4 and will play a huge role in the upcoming events.

Epic has also added a couple of extra cosmetic items with the new update, including a new style for The Herald. However, the new emote got a lot of attention as it shows different maps of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite map
Different versions of the Fortnite map (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Herald’s emote shows six different versions of the Fortnite map. Almost all of them have been in the game at some point, except for one map. This map is shown in the middle on the right side and will likely be released in Chapter 4.

The unreleased map has three different biomes: desert, grassland, and snow. The desert spreads in the southern parts of it and is mostly found on the edges of the island, while the snow biome is located in the northern part of it. The map has multiple lakes as well.

This usually wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s quite odd that Epic Games released all the previous map textures with the emote. There is a reason why there is one map that hasn’t come out, which is why many players believe it will be used for the next chapter.

The Herald’s emote shows the future of the Fortnite island (Image Credit: Epic Games)

It’s also important to note that the character is named The Herald. This means that she’s simply a messenger and is most likely preparing the island for something big that will happen soon.

Considering that there is less than a month left until the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4, we expect to get more leaks soon. There will be a live event at the end of the season, and The Herald will most likely play a huge role in it.



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