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Epic Games Unbans Thousands of Fortnite OG Accounts, Gives Them to Players

Epic Games has banned tens of thousands of Fortnite accounts so far. Many players have broken rules, which is why the game developer permanently banned their accounts.

However, some offenses are less serious and Epic may change its stance on them over time. Due to these changes, the game developer has recently unbanned thousands of Fortnite accounts and given them back to players.

If you played Fortnite Battle Royale in its early seasons, you may be eligible to get your account back. Here is everything you need to know about it!

Fortnite OG accounts are back

Epic Games has a zero-tolerance policy toward cheaters. Anyone who uses game-breaking exploits gets permanently banned by the Fortnite developer and never gets their account back.

However, it appears that Epic has changed its policy regarding chargebacks and refunds, which is why a lot of players recently got access to their banned accounts.

Many players on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook have reported that they got their accounts back. Apparently, Epic Games has changed the policy regarding chargebacks and refunds, and that was the reason why these accounts were banned in the first place.

Fortnite OG accounts
Fortnite OG accounts have been unbanned (Image Credit: Epic Games)

If you have an account that was previously banned for these reasons, make sure to check your email address. If Epic Games unbanned your account, you will receive an email and regain access to it.

It is unclear why Epic has changed these policies. Chargebacks are very serious and many game developers permanently ban players for using them.

The Fortnite developer will most likely keep banning players who use chargebacks in the future, but they may have made an exception for the players who were banned more than four years ago.



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