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First Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 Leaks Came Out

Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 will be released in around five weeks. Due to this, Epic Games has already released a hint for it. The Fortnite developer has also added new files regarding the next season, which have been leaked.

If there are no delays, the first season of Chapter 4 should end on Friday, March 10. This means that the next season should begin on Saturday or Sunday.

This article will reveal everything we know about the next Fortnite Battle Royale season. We will also take a look at the hint Epic Games released with the v23.30 update.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 is coming out in five weeks

With the release of the v23.30 update, Epic Games released a small change to the in-game world. East of Warden’s Watch, players can now find bamboo trees, which are most likely a hint for the next season of the video game.

What makes these trees even more mysterious is the fact that they cannot be destroyed.

Furthermore, these trees are located very close to Warden’s Watch. Players who’ve followed the Chapter 4 storyline are aware that Rift Warden Stellan is building the Rift Gate at this location, which will play a huge role in the upcoming events.

Epic Games has released several hints regarding future content in the past. Many players still remember the mysterious goo, which appeared before Chapter 3 – Season 4, and the gold furniture at the end of Chapter 2 – Season 1.

iFireMonkey, one of the most reputable Fortnite Battle Royale leakers, revealed a new Point of Interest that will be released with the next season. The leaker claims that Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 will have a gym POI.

The gym will be located in a small city and will have ascenders. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other details regarding the new location at the moment, but we may get more information before the new season comes out.



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