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Fortnite: 5 Major Things That Will Come With Chapter 4

Fortnite Chapter 4 has been announced by Epic Games and will be released in December 2022. This news was rather shocking as we’ve only had four seasons in Chapter 3. However, releasing a new chapter makes a lot of sense.

Epic Games has prepared a lot of new things that will completely change the game. There are several game-changers that Epic has developed, so releasing them all in a new chapter seems like the right move.

This article will list five major things that will come with Fortnite Chapter 4, from the first-person game mode to the massive Creative update that will usher Fortnite into a new era of gaming.

1) First-person mode

fortnite chapter 4
The first-person mode looks amazing in Fortnite (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The first-person mode was leaked a few months ago. According to Fortnite leakers, Epic Games has been working on this mode for a long time and will release it soon. Due to this, we expect the mode to come out in Chapter 4.

Having a first-person mode probably won’t be a great idea on the classic battle royale modes. However, it will be a complete game-changer for Zero Builds modes.

Modes like 40v40 LTM would be drastically better with a first-person view, and this is something that could propel Fortnite to new heights.

2) Rideable flying animals

fortnite chapter 4
Flying rideable animals will also come in the future

Flying rideable animals were also leaked recently. Based on Fortnite leaks, Epic Games has worked on allowing players to use flying animals to move around the island.

This idea, which will most likely be realized in Chapter 4, has a lot of potential. It would also open up opportunities for new collaborations, such as a Fortnite x House of Dragon collaboration that could add dragons as rideable animals.

3) New era of Creative mode

creative 2.0 in Fortnite chapter 4
Creative 2.0 will be the biggest Fortnite update of all time

Epic Games was originally supposed to release the Creative 2.0 mode in mid-2022. Unfortunately, this plan was postponed for late 2022, then for early 2023.

Two weeks ago, Epic began playtesting the v23.00 update, which was supposed to bring Creative 2.0. However, it appears that the development team has run into some issues, which is why the mode was postponed for January 2023.

When it finally comes out, it will completely change the game. Creators will be able to use custom 3D models, animations, scripts, and a lot more in their Creative maps. When the new mode comes out,

Epic Games will most likely shift focus to it and keep adding more amazing tools for creators. Considering that the Creative mode takes up around 50% of playtime in 2022, we can expect this number to go to at least 60% next year.

4) Motorcycles

Motorcycles are expected to come out with Chapter 4

Every season of Fortnite Battle Royale adds new vehicles or mobility options. Due to this, we expect motorcycles to come out in Chapter 4 – Season 1. If not in the first season, then definitely at some point in Chapter 4.

These vehicles were leaked during Chapter 3 – Season 3. There were in an early development stage, which means that Epic Games should have them ready for the new Fortnite chapter.

5) New type of cosmetic items

A new type of cosmetic items will come with Fortnite Chapter 4

Throughout the years, Epic Games has released many different types of cosmetic items to Fortnite Battle Royale. At first, players were able to purchase skins (outfits), pickaxes, and emotes.

Later on, Epic released back blings, skydiving contrails, wraps, and more.

According to Fortnite leakers, the Fortnite development team has been working on releasing a new type of cosmetic items called “Apparel.” At the moment, there are no details available regarding this, but we expect it to come out in the next chapter.



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