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Fortnite Chapter 4 Ending Leaked, The Seven Might Be Evil

Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 1 is scheduled to end in early March 2023. The storyline has been rather confusing, but Epic Games seems to be preparing big things for the end of the season.

With the release of the v23.20 update, the Fortnite developer released the second part of the Oathbound quests. This questline reveals some important details about the storyline and features Rift Warden Stellan, an important character.

The questline even implies that the members of The Seven may be evil, which is rather shocking. Here is everything that we know about it so far.

The Seven may not be good guys in Fortnite anymore

Back in Chapter 1 – Season 4, Fortnite players had their first contact with The Seven. The Visitor landed on the island in a meteor and he participated in the first-ever live event in the popular video game.

Ever since then, Epic Games has introduced many other members of the organization, including The Foundation, its leader.

The second part of the Oathbound questline reveals that many members of The Seven have been captured. We also found out that something horrible is happening to The Scientist as the test rift locked onto him.

It seems that The Last Reality has captured members of the organization and has tortured them. Unfortunately, it appears that some of them have changed and will most likely be different once we see them again in Fortnite.

“He’s different now. They’re all different now. As we speak, they change…”

AMIE fragment

During the questline, AMIE reveals that members of The Seven are changing and that they are different. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s almost certain that some of them have been affected by all the torture they have gone through.

At the moment, the loopers are trying to build the Rift Gate to rescue The Seven. The gate will most likely allow the loopers and AMIE to visit The Last Reality and rescue all the members of the organization that have been captured.

Considering that this is very important, there is a good chance that Epic Games will release another live event at the end of the season. The season is scheduled to end on March 10, 2023.



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