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Fortnite Chapter 4 Map Reveals OG Locations Returning

Fortnite Chapter 4 map will bring many new landing spots. However, Epic Games will also bring back some of the OG locations, judging by the latest leaks and the Chapter 4 trailer.

Epic has prepared a lot of new content for the new chapter of Fortnite Battle Royale. The new map, which was revealed at the end of the “Fracture” live event, will bring some unique spots.

OG players will be delighted to hear that several spots from the very first Fortnite map have been spotted as well. This article will reveal them and check everything else we know about the new map.

Fortnite Chapter 4 map and OG locations

At the moment, the only thing Fortnite players can see on their screens is the downtime screen. However, Epic Games has hinted at the return of several locations with this screen, including the Motel.

This popular location was located in the northern part of the map and was on the map during Chapter 1. Many players have asked for its return, but it hasn’t been seen since the end of the first chapter.

Fortnite Chapter 4 map
The Fortnite Chapter 4 map will most likely bring the Motel back

Besides the Motel, players have spotted Frosty Flights, Lucky Landing, and Steamy Stacks in the Chapter 4 trailer. The first two locations were on the map during Chapter 1, while Steamy Stacks was released in Chapter 2. Steamy was also heavily damaged during “The End” event at the end of the chapter.

Additionally, Epic Games will bring the Pawntoon Boat back to the game. This is one of the best landing spots as it has a lot of chests and a supply drop. The boat was in the game during Chapter 3 – Season 4 and will return with the fourth chapter.

Steamy Stacks could return with Chapter 4

Polar Peak is another location that may return with the new chapter. It used to be the most popular landing spot in Chapter 1 – Season 7, as players could pick up the Infinity Blade there.

This is also the location where the Ice King had a small snowstorm event. While the return of this location hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is a good chance that Epic Games will bring it back.

Below, you can see the images of other locations that have been spotted.



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