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Fortnite Downtime (November 1): How Long Will Servers Be Down?

The Fortnite v22.30 update has finally been released! This is the third major update of Chapter 3 – Season 4 and servers are currently down while Epic Games is getting everything ready for it.

The update will bring a lot of new content to the game, including new skins, free rewards, map changes, and more. Additionally, new collaborations will come with it and players will be able to unlock the Herald outfit.

This article will explain everything you need to know about server downtime and when it could end. The downtime began around 3:30 AM Eastern Time and matchmaking has been disabled.

Fortnite downtime could last for a few hours

Fortnite players are already used to downtimes. Epic Games uses them to take servers down and get everything ready for a new update. Some updates have lasted more than 10 hours, such as the v22.10 update, which was released in September.

However, most downtimes last for an hour or two. If everything goes well, Epic Games usually brings servers back around 6 AM Eastern Time and players regain access to the popular video game.

The Herald will be obtainable with the new update (Image Credit: Epic Games)

It’s important to note that Epic Games never reveals how long downtimes will last. This is mostly because the development team is unsure how long it will take to prepare servers for a new update.

Due to this, we don’t know for sure when the v22.30 downtime will end. However, judging by previous major updates in Fortnite Battle Royale, we expect servers to come back by 7 AM Eastern Time at the latest.

The new update will bring many new cosmetic items and map changes. Chrome keeps spreading all over the island and will play a huge role in the events of the season, which is why it’s almost certain that there will be some massive map changes with the new update.

Chrome Punk will most likely come out with the new Fortnite update (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The v22.30 update is most likely the second-to-last major update in Chapter 3 – Season 4. The season ends on December 3, which means that the v22.40 update will most likely be the last major update of the season.

The update will bring a lot of changes, both small and big ones. However, a lot of players are hoping that Epic Games finally releases the Chrome Punk outfit. This is a new outfit that will be obtainable for free.

The outfit was first added with the v22.20 update on November 18. Unfortunately, Epic Games hasn’t released it yet and no one knows when it will be available. Considering that it has a Chrome theme, it is almost certain that it will come out during November.



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