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Fortnite Downtime (October 18): How Long Will Servers Be Down?

Fortnite servers are currently down as Epic Games is preparing to release the v22.20 update. This is the second major update of Chapter 3 – Season 4, which is why we expect servers to be down for an extended time.

As many players are already aware, the update will bring the Fortnite Halloween event. It will also bring map changes, gameplay changes, and new cosmetic items.

Unfortunately, players will have to wait before they can access the new content. The servers went down shortly before 4 AM Eastern Time and the game is currently unavailable. Unfortunately, this also affects Fortnite: Save the World.

When will Fortnite servers be back?

For the past five years, Epic Games would always take Fortnite servers down for major updates. Most downtimes end after an hour or two, but some of them have lasted for more than 10 hours.

The first major update of Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4 was released on Tuesday, October 4. However, this update had a 12-hour downtime, which was one of the longest downtimes in the history of the game.

Fortnite servers
Fortnite servers are currently down (Image Credit: Epic Games)

As for the v22.20 update that was just released, no one can tell how long servers will be down. However, considering that most downtimes have lasted for up to two hours, we can expect servers to come back sometime around 6 AM Eastern Time.

Keep in mind that Epic Games never reveals the downtime duration. This is mostly due to unexpected issues that could happen during updates.

On a positive note, Fortnite players have always received free cosmetic items as compensation for extended downtimes. If Epic has another long downtime on October 18, there is no doubt that players will get even more rewards.



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