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Fortnite: Everything We Know About Upcoming Live Event

Fortnite Chapter 3 is officially ending on December 3 after months of Chrome consuming the island. Our showdown with The Herald is finally here, and if Chrome takes control of the zero point, it’ll spread to every Universe in existence, ending reality as we know it.

The Seven, who protected us time and time again, have vanished leaving us with no one to rely on until now. After three years, one of the most important characters in Fortnite history is set to return.

It’s looking like the only way to defeat Chrome is with gold. This discovery was made by the Paradigm, who has been searching for answers ever since she escaped The Herald attack.

The popular character will return during the Fortnite event

Considering what The Paradigm has discovered, it is very likely that Midas will return during the upcoming live event. It will be essential to fight Chrome with gold, and considering that The Herald has full control over Chrome, there is only one person that can save the universe.

As many Fortnite players are aware, Midas turns everything he touches to gold. Due to this, we expect him to return for the “Fracture” live event and play a huge role in it.

Midas will most likely return to Fortnite with the upcoming live event (Image Credit: Epic Games)

If we take a look at the past, we can easily conclude that Midas has a lot of knowledge regarding the loop and the storm. After all, the is the mastermind behind the Doomsday Device, which he used to control the storm in the Chapter 2 – Season 2 event.

Epic Games has been teasing Midas’ return ever since the third chapter was released. The popular Fortnite character hasn’t been seen since the start of Chapter 2 – Season 3, but it’s almost certain that he will return.

It’s also important to add that Epic Games added the “Silver and Gold” spray to the game data. Silver is the color of Chrome, while gold refers to Midas and his touch. Epic is known for releasing subtle hints, and this is one of them.

midas fortnite
Midas will very likely be the key piece in the fight against The Herald

Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, has also revealed that Midas is not dead. This is another proof that the character with the golden touch will return. In the end, he could be the reason why the island survive yet another The Last Reality invasion.

Chrome has taken over the Chapter 3 – Season 4 island and has even spread to the game lobby. Due to this, The Seven and the loopers will need everyone to fight against it and stop The Herald.

What will happen during the event?

Considering that The Herald has expanded Chrome all over the island, there is a good chance that she will use it to summon The Last Reality. The live event will most likely take place at the Reality Tree.

The Herald has kept her eye on the three ever since Chapter 3 – Season 3 was released. Due to this, we expect main events to happen in this location.

The Herald wants to conquer the Reality Tree and use it to destroy the universe (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Paradigm will, once again, play a huge role in the live event. Furthermore, there is a good chance that Dr. Slone returns to the game as well. She hasn’t been seen since the clash at The Collider, but it’s hard to believe that she’s dead.

Slone might help The Herald open the portal to bring The Last Reality to the island. After all, this is what The Cube Queen tried to do during “The End” event at the end of Chapter 2. The Seven stopped the main Chapter 2 antagonist by flipping the island, but it will be interesting to see what happens in the next event.

The live event will begin on Saturday, December 3, at 4 PM Eastern Time. Make sure to get into the game at least 30 minutes earlier to secure your spot.



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