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Fortnite Glitch Grants Easy Victory to Players, Completely Breaks the Game

The latest Fortnite glitch completely breaks the game and players are hoping that Epic Games will fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the glitch allows players to win games with no effort in the final week of the season.

No one knows what exactly causes the glitch. However, considering that Epic Games has made numerous changes to the game this season, there is a chance that one of them has caused this.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the latest game-breaking Fortnite glitch. We will also reveal how you can protect yourselves from enemies who use this glitch.

Fortnite glitch makes players invisible and gives them easy wins

The new Fortnite glitch involves the Neymar Jr. skin. This skin was released with the Chapter 2 – Season 6 Battle Pass, yet it turns out that Epic has broken it recently.

Fortnite players have used this skin to become invisible. While invisible, players can easily win games and outplay their enemies. While invisible players are not immune to damage, their enemies can’t hit them easily, which is the biggest problem.

fortnite glitch
The latest Fortnite glitch makes players invisible (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Unfortunately, a lot of players own the Neymar Jr. skin and use it to gain an unfair advantage over their enemies. By combining this skin with the soccer player’s back bling, players become almost completely invisible.

As you can see in the screenshot, the only visible thing is the back bling and the pickaxe. Due to this, it’s almost impossible to consistently hit players who use the glitch.

The invisibility glitch from other player’s perspective (Image Credit: Epic Games)

If you encounter a player who is using the glitch, you should report them to Epic Games. Considering that this is a serious exploit that gives players a massive competitive advantage over their enemies, it’s a bannable offense.

Furthermore, if you notice an invisible player, you should try hitting them with a weapon. This is quite difficult, so if you miss too many shots, you should try using the Goo Gun or Shockwave Grenades.

Use Shockwave Grenades to run away from an invisible player or to send them flying into the storm. Beating invisible players in Fortnite is almost impossible, but if you encounter them, use their pickaxe and back bling as a reference and try to land shots.



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