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Fortnite: How to Easily Get Mythic Items In Chapter 3 – Season 4

Fortnite Mythic items are extremely powerful and can be difference makers in close fights. In Chapter 3 – Season 4, Epic Games has released three different Mythic items. All three of them are incredible and pack a lot of punch.

One Fortnite Mythic item can be obtained from the Herald, a new boss that resides at Herald’s Sanctum. The other two items can be simply obtained by playing the game and using EvoChrome weapons.

This article will explain an easy trick you can use to get Fortnite Mythic items in every single match. By following the guide, you can have Mythics in your inventory all the team and use them to get valuable victories.

How to get the Mythic Burst Rifle from the Herald without any effort

The Herald is the Bloom Queen who was first seen in the Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3 trailer. After a lot of theories and speculation, Epic Games has finally added her to the new season and she is one of the most important characters in the game.

Players can fight against the Herald at her domain, Herald’s Sanctum. With 1,200 hit points in total, the boss can be tough to beat. She also summons two wolves during a special inviciblity phase, which makes her immune to damage. Fortunately, there is a simple trick on how to beat her and get the Fornite Mythic item.

NOTE: The wolves are sometimes glitched so you will have to eliminate them before continuing the fight against the boss. Watch the video guide to see the glitch.

The Herald drops her Mythic Burst Rifle, which is incredible. It deals 23 damage per shot and has a fire rate of 8.65. Furthermore, the magazine holds 28 bullets and it can be reloaded in 2.9 seconds.

To beat the boss and obtain her Mythic item, you simply need to attack her from above. If you fight her in the throne room where she spawns, she will be able to land easy shots on you and eliminate you. However, if you position yourself on the terrace right above her, you will have a great cover and be able to land easy headshots on her.

The best thing? You will not be bothered by the wolves as they cannot go upstairs. However, you will have to pay attention to your surroundings. If other players hear gunshots, they will join the fight and try to third-party you.

Get Fortnite EvoChrome Mythic items quickly and easily

There are two different EvoChrome weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4, the shotgun and the burst rifle. Both of them can be found in various loot sources, but they come primarily from Chrome Chests.

What makes these weapons unique is their ability to self-upgrade their rarity. To upgrade these weapons, you simply have to deal damage with them. For example, if you have an Uncommon (Green) EvoChrome Shotgun and you deal damage with it, it will be automatically upgraded to Rare (Blue) rarity.

Fortnite Mythic items
EvoChrome weapons can be turned into Fortnite Mythic items easily (Image Credit: Epic Games)

By dealing damage, these weapons can become Fortnite Mythic items. However, there is a simple trick to upgrade them quickly and easily. To upgrade EvoChrome weapons to Mythic rarity, you simply need to damage wildlife and NPCs.

If you have a Chrome Splash in your inventory, you can use it to heal wildlife and damage it all over again.



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