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Fortnite: How To Get Free Duelist’s Grace Pickaxe on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Mobile

The Duelist’s Grace pickaxe was released for free on Tuesday, November 22. The pickaxe looks amazing, which is why so many players have already obtained it. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining it is slightly more complex on consoles and mobile phones.

The pickaxe has been released as part of the Epic Games Store promotion for Black Friday. Due to this, PC players can obtain it by simply launching Fortnite through the Epic Games Launcher.

This article will show you how to obtain the Duelist’s Grace pickaxe for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and mobile phones.

How to get free Fortnite pickaxe on gaming consoles and mobile phones

If you are a PC player, the process to obtain the Duelist’s Grace harvesting tool is extremely simple. You need to launch Fortnite and visit the Item Shop. The pickaxe will appear in the shop and you simply need to purchase it.

The price of the item is $0, which means that your payment method will not be charged. You can do the same on gaming consoles and mobile phones, but the process takes a few additional steps.

Free fortnite
The Duelist’s Grace pickaxe can be obtained by any gaming system (Image Credit: Epic Games)

To obtain the free cosmetic item on gaming consoles or mobile phones, please follow a couple of steps below:

  • Sign up for Nvidia GeForce Now
  • Connect your Epic Games account to Fortnite inside the app
  • Launch Fortnite
  • Visit the Item Shop
  • Find the Duelist’s Grace pickaxe and get it for free

GeForce Now is a free cloud gaming service developed by Nvidia. It’s important to note that you do not have to purchase a membership to play Fortnite through this service.

As soon as you make a GeForce Now account and link it to your Epic Games account, you will be able to play Fortnite. Unfortunately, free users have to wait in the queue at certain periods, so you may need to wait for a few minutes before getting into the game.

If you are not sure how to properly set up GeForce Now on your phone, please watch the video above. If you still struggle to make it work, please post the comment below and we’ll do our best to help you.

You can obtain the free Fortnite cosmetic item by using GeForce Now

Keep in mind that you have to redeem the Duelist’s Grace pickaxe by Tuesday, November 29. After this date, the pickaxe will no longer be available for free.

Epic Games hasn’t revealed if it will return at some point. However, even if it does, it will not be free.



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