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Fortnite: How To Get OG Graphics in Chapter 3 – Season 4

Fortnite OG graphics can be enabled in Chapter 3 – Season 4! There is a simple trick you can use to achieve this and we will tell you exactly how to do it in this article.

OG graphics were active during the first chapter of the game. However, the last time players were able to play with these settings was in October 2019. Ever since “The End” live event, Epic Games has completely changed the game.

Fortunately, the latest Fortnite glitch allows players to experience the original graphics once again. This can be done very easily by entering the Creative mode and making the game look different.

How to enable Fortnite OG graphics in Chapter 3

If you play Fortnite’s Creative mode often, you know that the telephone booth is somewhat bugged. This booth allows players to change their skins during a game session, but it’s not worked properly in the last few months.

When changing the skin, the game takes more than 10 seconds to load again. However, this can be used to activate the OG graphics glitch!

To switch to OG graphics, you simply need to enter the telephone booth in Creative mode. Inside the booth, switch to another skin and press the button to go back to the game. However, once you press the button, quickly change to another cosmetic item to activate the glitch.

For example, you can simply change your pickaxe or your back bling. However, you have to do this before you load back into the game.

As you can see in the video by Glitch King above, doing this will activate the Fortnite OG graphics glitch. To revert the changes, simply go back to the booth and do the same thing again.

Some players have reported that the glitch stops working once they leave Creative mode. However, some claim that the glitch remains activated until they completely restart the video game.

The OG graphics look great and this Fortnite glitch is perfect for players who want to experience the Chapter 1 feeling all over again. Fortnite Battle Royale looks different in Chapter 3, but this glitch can change it and make it look unique.

Considering that this is not a game-breaking glitch, Epic Games will not likely not fix it anytime soon.



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