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Fortnite: How To Unlock Chrome Punk Skin Quickly

To unlock the Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite, you need to level up 50 times. This can be challenging for players who have already reached level 200, as every level beyond this requires a lot more XP.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to unlock the skin in Chapter 3 – Season 4. While it’s possible to unlock the skin in the next Fortnite season as well, you don’t have to wait for it, as this method will help you unlock the skin in a few hours.

This article will reveal a simple method you can use to get the Chrome Punk skin quickly. By using this method, you can get the skin in a single Creative session.

Unlock Chrome Punk skin quickly

To unlock the Chrome Punk skin quickly, you need to join the Creative mode and enter the map that will grant you a lot of XP. By doing this, you can gain at least 10 levels per session. However, if you don’t play Creative often, you can gain 20-30 levels easily.

It’s important to note that using Fortnite XP maps is not a bannable offense, despite popular belief. Epic Games allows players to gain XP from Creative maps, but certain maps simply grant more XP than others.

fortnite chrome punk
Chrome Punk can be unlocked quickly in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4 (Image Credit: Epic Games)

To unlock the Chrome Punk skin quickly, please follow these steps:

  • Launch the game
  • Open the game mode selection menu
  • Switch to the Island Code tab
  • Enter 1487-3213-6612 as the island code
  • Enter the match through private matchmaking
  • Visit the XP Shop
  • Interact with the AFK XP button

As soon as you interact with the AFK XP button, you will start gaining XP passively. However, you should take a few more steps to gain even more XP and unlock the Chrome Punk skin quicker.

Fortnite XP
When you interact with the AFK XP button, you will start gaining Fortnite XP passively (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Here are the additional steps:

  • Return to Arena
  • Build nine floors on the left side of the matchmaking banner
  • Look down on the edge of the ninth floor and locate the invisible button
  • Interact with the button
  • Wait for the countdown to hit 0
  • Interact with the two XP buttons in the room

In case you struggle to follow the instructions above, please watch the video inside the article. If you still have some questions, post a comment below and we will do our best to reply to you.

If you intend to stay on the map for a longer period of time, make sure to enter the Bouncers Room. By staying in the room, the game will not kick you out for being AFK.



    • Hey April. Did you double check that you didn’t get the XP? You don’t always get a pop-up, but you gain levels after you quit the match. Also, make sure you are in the private lobby.


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