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Fortnite Insider Leaks Major Details Regarding Chapter 4 Live Event, Reveals Map Changes

The upcoming Fortnite live event is just a few days away. Epic Games has scheduled it for Saturday, December 3, and if everything goes according to plan, the event will begin at 4 PM Eastern Time.

Epic has done a great job keeping everything under the lid this time. However, there are still some leaks that have come out recently. One of these leaks allegedly comes from someone who works at Epic Games.

The insider has revealed major details regarding the “Fracture” live event. However, please take this with a grain of salt. It’s impossible to verify whether the leak is true or not, which is why you should know that it’s not 100% confirmed.

WARNING: The article contains potential spoilers regarding the next Fortnite live event.

Fortnite insider reveals details regarding ‘Fracture’ live event

These leaks were shared by a Fortnite leaker under the name bren_v2. While they look legitimate, it’s hard to say for sure whether they are real or not. However, take a look at them and let us know what you think.

There have been many leaks in the past that turned out to be false. However, many of them have also been legitimate.

Here is everything we know about the latest leak. Keep scrolling to reveal potential spoilers.

Fortnite live event leak allegedly comes from an insider

Here’s what the Epic Games insider sent to the Fortnite leaker:

So far, we have been playtesting the map pre and during the event. However, there has not been any actual gameplay of the event shown to us, we have only been able to test the maps and minigames out.

During the pre-event chrome will be slowly spreading throughout the map, you will not be able to drop down to the ground as there is (from what I understand) a glider deployment trigger underneath all of the floating platforms that bring players back up.

There will be floating basketball courts, and 10 blimps, as well as the pirate ship for players to land on and go to before the event. There are also floating islands. However, those will be there during the event.

There is also an all-white room in which the player has the jump boost effect. There are floating islands there as well. From what I understand about this is that players can enter through the “Nexus” or “Zero Point.” I do not know if it is playable after the event, unlike the space assets.

Epic Games insider

You can see the original tweet below.

It will be interesting to see what happens during the upcoming Fortnite live event. While there is a good chance that this is an Epic Games employee, we have no way of verifying this.

The “Fracture” live event will begin on Saturday, December 3. Until then, we will most likely get even more leaks. However, we will have to wait for the event to see if they are true or not.



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