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Fortnite Leak Reveals New Augments, Including Siphon and Midas Touch

Fortnite Reality Augments have completely changed the popular video game. By adding this new feature to Chapter 4 – Season 1, Epic Games has essentially released the class system to Fortnite.

Players can pick four out of 22 augments during a single match, which helps them gain a massive advantage over their enemies.

It turns out that Epic Games will keep releasing more Reality Augments in the future. A recent Fortnite leak has revealed many new perks coming to the video game and some of them even have the siphon effect.

Many new perks are coming to Fortnite


HYPEX, the most reputable Fortnite Battle Royale leaker, has revealed a list of all the upcoming perks that Epic Games is working on.

According to the leaker, there are at least 11 new Reality Augments that will be released to the popular video game at some point. Here is a list of all of them:

  • Midas Touch: Gives 40 AR Ammo once as well as Gold every time you eliminate a player or an AI
  • Peely’s Plunder: Gives you a Treasure Map
  • Skill Check: Gives 50 HP and 25 Shield if you eliminate someone with a Common or Uncommon weapon
  • Siphon Shotgun: Heals your Shield and HP whenever you damage a player or an AI
  • Hunter Gather: Spawns a Bush, Apples, and Mushrooms whenever you eliminate someones, as well as cycling between Spicy Soda, Low Gravity, and Energy Regen effects
  • Deft Hands: Auto Reloads a specific unknown weapon every second, even if you switch away (the weapon is very specific, and Epic Games has not released it yet)
  • Danger Hero: Run and heal fast for eight seconds when your Shields break
  • Zero Shield Zero Chance: Gives you the Zero Point effect for eight seconds after your Shields break
  • Icy Slide: Icy Feet effect for seven seconds
  • RiftJector Seat: Auto-Rifts you when your Shields break, with a 40 second cooldown
  • Shadow Strike: Instantly gives a Shadow Bomb

Some of these Reality Augments sound amazing and will definitely be game-changers. There are two different perks that give players the siphon effect, and there is no doubt that a lot of aggressive players will use them.

Furthermore, the Midas Touch perk is perfect for everyone who loves spending gold on Exotic items or re-rolling perks.

Unfortunately, the release date of these perks is currently unknown, but some of them could be released with the v22.20 update on either January 3 or January 10, 2023.



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