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Fortnite Leakers Reveal Potential Skins for Chapter 4 – Season 2 Battle Pass

Epic Games is getting everything ready for Chapter 4 – Season 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale. If everything goes according to plan, the new season of the popular video game will be released sometime around March 10.

Barring no delays or unexpected problems, Epic will most likely release the season on Saturday, March 11. Due to this, the development team has already begun working on the new Battle Pass.

Several reputable Fortnite leakers claim that the game developer is preparing several new skins that will be released with the new season. These skins were already seen in the previous Fortnite surveys.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 Battle Pass will bring a lot of new skins

The upcoming Battle Pass will once again include various cosmetic items. However, Fortnite Battle Royale players are mostly interested in new skins that will be released with it.

Epic Games will release at least seven new skins in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2. In addition, a new collaboration skin will be released with the new Battle Pass as well.

Some of the upcoming skins have already been shown in Fortnite surveys. Players who have been paying attention to surveys already have an idea of what will be released in the next season.

To see some of the survey skins which will likely come with the new season, please check out the video below. Also, keep in mind that these skins haven’t been 100% confirmed yet. However, considering that Epic Games has already revealed them in Fortnite surveys, they will likely be released very soon.



  1. I would love to see punisher in game. He fits the bill so well its crazy he not a part of fortnite already. Please epic suprise us with him. I have hundreds of players say that would be “EPIC” EPIC 🙂


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