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Fortnite Made This Huge Change and Players Are Mad About It

Epic Games has made some big changes to Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter 4 – Season 1. Besides the new map, the game developer has added several new gameplay mechanics for the new chapter.

Unfortunately, all of these additions have caused a lot of bugs in the video game. While players dealt with gameplay bugs, some of them also affected matchmaking in both core and competitive modes.

Epic has worked relentlessly on fixing these bugs and the January 10 update brought a lot of fixes. However, players are mad that the game developer made another big change. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Fortnite players don’t like this gameplay change

A big reason why there have been so many bugs is Epic Games’ company-wide winter break. The break started shortly after the v23.10 update and it ended on January 3, 2023. During this period, the development team could not fix any issues with the game.

The game developer released several content updates during the break to add fresh new content to Fortnite.

As soon as the break ended, Epic Games made some big changes to the game. Furthermore, the development team announced some other changes, such as the change to matchmaking.

One of the bugs allowed players to compete in tournaments in multiple regions. This should have never been allowed, which is why Epic clarified that players are allowed to participate in only one region.

While this makes perfect sense as it doesn’t allow skilled players to win prize money in multiple regions, a lot of players are upset with this change. It turns out that many players participate in other regions to simply practice for their own region.

Considering that allowing players to participate in multiple regions would be a bad move, it’s very unlikely that Epic Games will revert this change. However, there is a chance that the game developer will release practice or warmup game modes before tournaments.



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