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Fortnite: New Free Cosmetics Are Out, Here Is How To Get Them

The latest Fortnite Battle Royale update has brought many new cosmetic items to the popular video game. Fortunately for players, some of these cosmetics are free.

Four of these cosmetic items can be unlocked by completing special challenges that were activated on Tuesday, November 15, at 10 AM Eastern Time. One item, which is a beautiful sword pickaxe, will be unlockable during Black Friday.

This article will reveal all the free cosmetic items added with the v22.40 update and how to unlock them.

Keep in mind, all of these are limited-time cosmetics, meaning that you have a certain period of time to unlock them. After this period, they will be gone.

How to unlock new free cosmetic items in Fortnite

A few hours after the v22.40 update came out, Epic Games enabled High Octane quests. These quests are amazing for leveling up the Battle Pass, as each quest grants 20,000 XP.

However, you can also unlock four different cosmetic items by completing them. These rewards include a spray, emoji, back bling, and pickaxe, which you can see below.

Free Fortnite rewards
Free Fortnite rewards can be unlocked by completing High Octane challenges (Image Credit: Epic Games)

To unlock these four cosmetic items, here is what you need to do:

  • Back Board back bling – Complete 2 Octane quests
  • Octane Smash spray – Complete 4 Octane quests
  • Shot in Flight emoticon – Complete 6 Octane quests
  • Clutch Victory pickaxe – Complete 8 Octane quests

Most of the quests are very easy to do and the pickaxe can be unlocked in less than an hour. To check the quests, please open the quest log and select High Octane quests from the left side menu.

Three of these quests can be completed in Fortnite Battle Royale, while the rest of them have to be done in the Creative mode.

fortnite black friday
Fortnite players will be able to unlock this amazing pickaxe during Black Friday (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games will also have a special Fortnite promotion for Black Friday. A new sword pickaxe will be released to the Epic Games Store and players will have a week to obtain it.

The pickaxe will be released on Tuesday, November 22, at 11 AM Eastern Time. It will remain in the store for exactly one week before Epic removes it. The pickaxe may be released to the Item Shop at some point, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

To obtain the free pickaxe, simply “purchase” it from the Epic Games Store once it comes out. The item will cost $0.00, which means that you don’t have to use your card for the purchase.



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