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Fortnite OG Weapons Are Back With the v21.50 Update

Fortnite OG weapons are amazing and many players love them. In Chapter 3, most players consider OG weapons everything that was added during the early seasons of Chapter 1.

With the v21.50 update, which was released on Tuesday, August 30, Epic Games has unvaulted several Fortnite OG weapons. These weapons are back for a limited time and will be re-vaulted in just a few days.

Fortnite OG weapons are back for a limited time

Epic Games has released the Shadow of Phantasm week with the latest Fortnite Battle Royale update. This is a “wild week” that started on August 30 at 9 AM Eastern Time. The special week will end on September 7.

During the week, Epic has unvaulted the following Fortnite OG weapons:

  • Suppressed Assault Rifle (SCAR)
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun (MP5)
  • Shadow Bomb
  • Shield Bubble

While the last two items are not technically weapons, players can use them for offensive purposes. The Shadow Bomb is amazing for pushing enemies and surprising them. The Shield Bubble, on the other hand, is mostly a defensive item. However, players can also use it to advance closer towards enemies.

Fortnite OG weapons
Suppressed SCAR is one of a few Fortnite OG weapons that have been unvaulted (Image Credit: Epic Games)

These Fortnite OG weapons have been released to the competitive playlists as well. Unfortunately, the Zero Build Arena game mode has been turned off.

Dragon Ball items are still in Fortnite

Epic Games has removed “Power Unleashed” quests from Fortnite Battle Royale and players can no longer earn the Shenron glider for free. However, the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration has not ended yet.

Fortnite players can still use the Kamehameha Mythic ability and the Nimbus glider. According to Epic Games, Capsule Corp continues to send capsules all over the island. However, the only difference is that the capsules now spawn at a lower rate.

Considering that these items are still in the game, we can expect them to either stay until the end of the season, or until the v21.51 update. This update will be the last one in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.



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