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Fortnite Player Reaches Level 430 In Season 4

One Fortnite player has already reached Level 430 in Chapter 3 – Season 4. The season was released on Sunday, September 18, which means he achieved this in only 10 days.

LootStation is the name of the player and he’s become very popular lately. In the past few seasons, the player has given his best to set leveling records, and he’s done a fantastic job this season.

The Fortnite player has an interesting strategy that he uses to level up. It’s all about grinding and getting the most XP per hour, which isn’t exactly fun. This article will reveal everything about the Fortnite leveling record and the player who’s set it.

Fortnite player reached Level 430 in only 10 days

LootStation has definitely bought some Battle Pass levels, but not all of them. As many Fortnite Battle Royale players are aware, it is possible to purchase up to 100 levels with V-Bucks.

This means that the player has leveled up at least 330 times in only 10 days. On average, this is 33 levels per day, which sounds insane. Thanks to his effort, LootStation has become the first player to hit this level in Chapter 3 – Season 4.

The ultimate goal for the Fortnite player is to reach Level 1,000. Considering that the current season ends in early December, he will most likely achieve it.

Fortnite player
Fortnite player reached level 430 in just 10 days in Chapter 3 – Season 4 (Image Credit: Epic Games)

While reaching this level seems like a piece of cake, the truth is that it’s actually a really difficult task. Leveling up from Level 999 to Level 1,000 requires around 400,000 XP, which is a massive amount.

In comparison, each level until Level 200 requires 80,000 XP. To put it in perspective, Fortnite players need to earn around 8 million XP to reach Level 100 in Chapter 3 – Season 4. This is the same amount of XP that is necessary to go from Level 974 to Level 1,000.

LootStation’s leveling up strategy

This season, Epic Games rewards a lot of XP for completing weekly challenges in Fortnite. This is exactly what LootStation has done, as each challenge grants 20,000 XP.

However, weekly challenges are limited, which is why the Fortnite player had to find a new strategy to level up. The strategy he came up with is extremely boring and takes a lot of effort, but it’s worked for him so far.

LootStation starts every match in a Fortnite bot lobby. These lobbies are extremely easy as bots do not contest him. Furthermore, he can get a lot of eliminations in bot lobbies, which gives him extra XP.

fortnite levels
Earning levels at Loot Lake is extremely fast in the new season (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite player lands at Loot Lake and opens every chest and ammo box in the location. He also breaks Slurp Barrels as they reward additional XP.

What makes Loot Lake so great is the fact that it’s easy to loot as a lot of chests are close to each other. Additionally, the area has a Vault, which has extra chests, ammo boxes, and barrels.

Some players believe that LootStation uses Fortnite XP glitches to level up. This hasn’t been proven to be the case yet and the player streams most of his leveling-up journey on YouTube.



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