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Fortnite Player Swims to the Edge of the Map, Here Is What Happens Next

Fortnite has a brand new map in Chapter 4. Not only has Epic Games released a new map, but it also has some features we have never seen before. Additionally, no landmarks from the previous maps have been added back.

The new island looks amazing and players are still exploring it. However, it’s also the first-ever Fortnite Battle Royale map that has an edge.

Reaching this edge is impossible as it’s blocked by invisible walls. Due to this, many players are wondering what happens when they reach the edge. Fortunately, one player managed to get to this point and answer the question.

Here is what happens when Fortnite players reach the edge of the map

The entire Fortnite Battle Royale island is surrounded by waterfalls in Chapter 4. It looks beautiful and is centered in the middle of nowhere, it appears. As the “Fracture” live event showed, the new map was formed by the Zero Point.

The Paradigm communicated with the Zero Point and made this energy source put together a new island. The final result is what we have today, which is the Fortnite Chapter 4 map.

As you can see in the video above, popular YouTuber GKI managed to reach the edge of the map. The content creator is well known for posting various glitches in the game, so it’s not surprising that he managed to reach the edge.

To the disappointment of many players, nothing happened when the player reached the edge of the map. He just kept swimming and did not fall into the abyss, as many players had hoped would happen.

Besides invisible walls, Epic Games has also added invisible water, which is why players cannot fall off the map. There is a chance that the Fortnite developer will chance this in future, but it is very unlikely.



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