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Fortnite Player Wins The Match In Just 1 Second

Epic Games released the v22.30 Fortnite update on Tuesday, November 1. The update has brought many amazing things to the video game, including some big map changes. Unfortunately, the update has also added a glitch that allows players to get easy wins.

Thanks to the v22.30 update, Fortnite player recently set a world record for the fastest win in the battle royale mode. The player won the match in just one second, which sounds impossible.

Players are hoping that Epic Games will fix the glitch soon. Until then, they will be able to get quick and easy victories. In this article, we will reveal how the player set the world record for the fastest Fortnite Battle Royale victory.

Fortnite player gets Victory Royale in one second

The latest Fortnite update has affected all three major game modes: Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. While the battle royale mode is the most popular, there are many players who enjoy having PvE fun in Fortnite: Save the World as well.

Players who want to play the PvE mode sometimes get into a battle royale match. They have no enemies and they can complete challenges easily, which makes this glitch amazing.

Fortnite glitch
The Fortnite glitch gives players instant wins (Image Credit: Epic Games)

While completing challenges is definitely a cool feature, players can use this glitch to get quick and easy victories. A lot of players quit the game as soon as they see the battle royale island, thinking they selected the wrong game mode.

The latest Fortnite glitch puts Save the World players into a battle royale lobby. However, they have no enemies. All four players are on the same team, which makes the glitch similar to the Battle Lab mode.

However, as soon as the other players quit the match, the last remaining player gets a victory. As you can see in the video above, the player got a victory in just one second, which sounds crazy.

These victories count for official stats, which makes the latest Fortnite glitch amazing for the players who can’t get wins the normal way! However, we expect that Epic Games will fix the glitch very soon.



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