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Fortnite Players Are Furious Regarding Chapter 4 Changes, Demand Epic To Revert Them

Epic Games released Fortnite Chapter 4 in early December 2022. The new chapter of the popular video game has brought many changes, but not all of them have been positive.

The fourth chapter arrived with a new map, many new weapons and items, as well as the new Battle Pass. Unfortunately, Epic has changed one thing with the leveling system, which is why many players are frustrated and furious.

This article will reveal everything you need to know about the change to the leveling system. We will also take a look at the complaint by the community and why so many players want Epic Games to revert the change.

Fortnite’s leveling system is different in Chapter 4

Epic Games released several changes to Fortnite’s leveling system in Chapter 4

The new chapter of Fortnite Battle Royale has brought many new challenges that players can use to level up. However, weekly challenges have been renamed to “This Week” challenges, which is a big deal.

The new set of challenges is similar to weekly challenges. However, the important difference is that “This Week” challenges expire every single week.

This means that Fortnite players have only one week to complete these challenges. If they don’t complete them within seven days, they will expire, and won’t return to the game again.

Unsurprisingly, this change caused an outburst from the community. Players are furious and demand Epic Games to revert this change. However, it is very unlikely that the game creator will do so.

New weekly challenges work differently in Fortnite Chapter 4

The current season of the popular video game ends in March, meaning that players have more than three months to complete the Battle Pass. In addition to this, Epic Games has made the leveling process much easier by lowering the XP requirement for levels beyond level 200.

In addition to all of this, the game creator will release many different challenges throughout Chapter 4 – Season 1. From Winterfest to New Year challenges, there will be a lot of different ways for players to earn XP without putting in a lot of effort.

Finally, players can use XP glitches to level up quickly in the Creative mode.

Due to all of this, Epic Games will most likely keep the current system of challenges. The development team is once again experimenting with a new system and we will see if it stays in the game for the next Fortnite season.



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