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Fortnite Player Reaches Level 100 in Just 4 Hours, Here Is How

Fortnite Chapter 4 is about to drop and the battle royale shooter’s playerbase is anticipating the cinematics that Epic Games will be rolling out prior to the upcoming content. The looming chapter will be ushering in a fresh storyline, not to mention that it is likely to introduce new features into the title.

With that in mind, players are hoping that the new chapter will allow them to progress quicker as compared to the previous seasons in Fortnite Chapter 3. For the uninitiated, there are players who believe that XP progression within the game was pretty much sluggish.

This resulted in the developer ramping up the XP gains of their players to alleviate their frustrations. However, there are those who managed to rank up at an insanely fast rate to the amazement of their fellow players. The story below is a prime example of this.

Fortnite level 100 done quick

Fortnite BR player and content creator known as Zeywerks has demonstrated on his YouTube channel how it is done. In his recent upload, he has shown yet again his technique on how to reach level 100 in the game in a single day.

Per his latest video, it can be seen that he completes every challenge in the game while trying not to get too much attention from fellow Fortnite players. What’s even more amazing about this feat is that he managed to reach it in just over four hours (4 hours and 30 minutes, to be exact).

Be reminded, however, that before he went over and completed those challenges, Zeywerks waited for the last batch of Fortnite’s weekly challenges to drop and checked off every task that got accomplished. It may well seem that he has this penchant for doing such activity as he was able to reach level 100 in every season of Fortnite BR’s current chapter.

Impressive Fortnite accomplishments

Another thing worth noting is that he used an alternate Fortnite account in completing those challenges. Otherwise, it would be a huge pain in the behind if his main account gets messed up while completing those weekly challenges.

He even took to Reddit to show what he has accomplished in Fortnite Chapter 3. In his post, he showed screenshots of all four seasons in this chapter alongside the skins designated at level 100 and the amount of time that he spent on each.   



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