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Fortnite Players Received Billions of Supercharged XP, This Is How

Many Fortnite players received massive amounts of Supercharged XP on Wednesday, December 14. This XP can be used throughout the entire season and will most likely carry over to Chapter 4 – Season 2 and every other season after.

To put this amount of XP into perspective, two billion XP, which is what most players received, is enough to reach level 200 in the Battle Pass in 125 different seasons!

While this is obviously a mistake on Epic Games’ end, some players have earned it and will have faster leveling for many more years. This article explains everything you need to know about it.

Fortnite players received billions of supercharged XP through Discord

Earning levels in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 1 is relatively easy. There are many challenges that are available to players and they don’t require a lot of effort to complete.

In addition to this, Epic Games has also lowered the XP requirement for every level after level 200.

However, some players want to level up as quickly as possible, which is why they find different ways and glitches to do so. The latest glitch granted billions of Supercharged XP to players, allowing them to level up rapidly.

Once again, it was a Discord bot that granted all of this XP to players.

Fortnite downtime

Some Fortnite players reported getting more than two billion XP with an 11x multiplier, meaning that they get 11 times more XP than on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the amount of Supercharged XP is more than enough to reach the maximum level in this season, as well as in every other season that comes out soon.

Considering that the Winterfest Lodge allows players to get a lot of Supercharged XP, the latest glitch most likely has something to do with it.

However, the Discord bot that granted it also required access to users’ accounts, which is not what everyone was willing to provide.



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