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Fortnite Player Wins the Match Without Landing, Sets World Record

Fortnite players, over the years, have managed to achieve personal bests in different elements of the battle royale shooter. From having the most eliminations in a game to getting the most Victory Royales, these players have seemingly done it all.

A few weeks back, two popular Fortnite content creators challenged themselves and see if they can even win a match without landing on the map. It sure is an almost impossible task, but they went ahead to see for themselves if such a challenge is doable.

As the title suggests, these two fellas were successful in doing such a challenge and they’ve even recorded it for their followers to see.

Attempting an insane challenge in Fortnite

Fortnite pro players Jesse and Jordan of the YouTube channel x2Twins attempted the above-mentioned challenge as they admitted early on in the video that it will be one painful upload.

Prior to the challenge, it was agreed that the former will be the one above while the latter will be tasked to eliminate opponents on the map. In the event that Jesse lands on the map, they have to start all over.

Jordan almost got eliminated at the start of the game. Luckily, he bested the other player and to some luck, the chest that he opened contained a med kit aside from the one on hand.

As for Jesse, he hopped from one balloon to the next.

Throughout the video, the duo encountered numerous close calls since Jesse is trying his best not to land even on the balloon’s platform or on the balloon itself.

There were also several occasions where He is being targeted by other players below which Jordan successfully took out.

Almost failing the challenge

At the tail end of the challenge, Jesse almost landed on a balloon after Jordan has eliminated all of the other players.

After successfully completing the challenge, Jordan went on to reveal that it was only their second attempt at doing such a task.

Right before they kicked off the challenge, they mentioned that Fortnite developer Epic Games might disapprove of such an attempt. This is due to the fact that they teamed up in a Solos match which was also pointed out down in the comments.

Nonetheless, it sure was one heck of a Fortnite challenge. Kudos to these fellas.



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