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Fortnite Servers Have Been Shut Down, Epic Games Has Announced

Fortnite servers are no longer available. They were shut down on Monday, October 3 around 4 PM Eastern Time and will remain down for an extended period. Unfortunately, players will not be able to access the video game during this downtime.

Epic Games has explained the reason why Fortnite servers are down. At the moment, it doesn’t seem there is anything the game developer can do to bring them back, which is why they will stay down.

In this article, we will explain everything we know about the Fortnite server shutdown and when servers will be back.

Fortnite servers shut down before the new update

On Monday, October 3, Epic Games announced the release of the v22.10 update for Fortnite Battle Royale. This update will go live on Tuesday at 4 AM Eastern Time.

Unfortunately, shortly after the announcement, Fortnite servers were shut down. It appears this was caused by some unexpected issues, which is why Epic Games has decided to keep servers down for an extended period.

Fortnite servers
Fortnite servers are down for an extended period (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Despite the issues, Epic will stick to the original schedule and will release the new Fortnite update on Tuesday. This is what the company posted on the Fortnite Status Twitter account:

“Due to an issue, we are entering downtime early. Update 22.10 will still release tomorrow October 4th. We’ll let you all know when downtime has ended!”

Fortnite Status

Unfortunately, this means that Fortnite servers could be down for more than 12 hours in total. The update will be released at 4 AM Eastern Time, but that doesn’t mean that servers will be back at this point.

Epic Games may release more information regarding the status of the servers during the night, but this is very unlikely. In the meantime, follow the Fortnite Status Twitter account for more updates.

New Fortnite update

Epic Games has prepared a lot of new content for Fortnite Battle Royale with the v22.10 update. Players are expecting to see super styles for Battle Pass skins with the update and some more map changes.

Furthermore, Epic has announced that Fortnite Crew subscribers will get two lobby tracks with the update. When it comes to gameplay changes, the Boogie Bomb will be vaulted.

Boogie Bomb
Epic Games will vault the Boogie Bomb with the next Fortnite update (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Epic has revealed the Explosive Goo Gun in the Chapter 3 – Season 4 trailer. Unfortunately, this weapon hasn’t been released yet, but it may come with the upcoming update. After all, it will be used in the upcoming weekly challenges.

In addition to the Explosive Goo Gun, the Combra DMR is another weapon that was teased by the Fortnite developer. Compared to the regular DMR, the new variant of the weapon deals less damage, but shoots faster and has a bigger magazine.



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