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Fortnite Update v23.30 – All Leaked Cosmetics

The v23.30 Fortnite update has brought numerous new cosmetics to the popular video game. Epic Games has released the second part of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration, adding several new cosmetics to the video game.

The new collaboration brings two new characters to Fortnite, Son Goku and Piccolo. Each character comes with matching cosmetic items, which you can see below.

A few non-Dragon Ball characters have also been added to the game data, including the February 2023 Fortnite Crew skin.

The v23.30 update has also brought many new wraps.

Groaker back bling has been added to the game data on January 31. Players can toggle the reactivity on this cosmetic item and it looks amazing.

Winter Warrior Fennix has also been added to the files. While there is no confirmation, this could be another style for the Fennis outfit.

However, it may also be available as a separate skin in the Item Shop.



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