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Fortnite: Where to Find Kamehameha Mythic Item

The Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration is finally out! Fortnite players can now use Kamehameha to eliminate their enemies while wearing one of the popular skins from the anime.

Kamehameha is a Mythic ability that deals a lot of damage against both players and structures. Using this ability is one of the requirements for the Power Unleashed event, and players will have to use it to gain the maximum power level.

If you are not sure where to find Kamehameha Mythic item, you’re in the right place!

Where to find Kamehameha in Fortnite

The Kamehameha Mythic item can be obtained from two primary sources in Fortnite Battle Royale. The first source are vending machines that can be found all over the island.

These machines allow players to purchase both the Kamehameha Mythic ability and the Nimbus Glider. However, each ability costs 250 Gold Bars, which may be too much for Kamehameha. The ability is destructive, but it comes with only three charges.

Kamehameha in Fortnite

Kamehameha can be purchased from vending machines (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The second source of Kamehameha are capsules that can be extracted. These capsules fall from the sky and are marked on the map as soon as they are available. While obtaining the amazing ability is free by extracting capsules, it also exposes players.

Considering that everyone wants to use Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud, many players will be going for the capsules, which means that these spots will be very popular.

How strong is Kamehameha in Fortnite?

Kamehameha is extremely strong in Fortnite. It is incredible against both players and structures, so it’s not surprising that three charges of it cost 250 Gold.

The ability deals 100 damage on impact and its beam deals 40 damage per second. Considering that the mean lasts for three seconds, this is more than enough power to take down a player who has 200 effective health.

Kamehameha can be obtained by extracting capsules (Image Credit: Epic Games)

When it comes to structure, Kamehameha deals 240 damage on impact and also 240 damage per second. This makes it extremely devastating, even against some of the strongest structures in the game.

The Mythic ability only has a 15-second cooldown, which means that players can use it a few times in a minute. Fortunately, it is not available in Competitive game modes.



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