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Fortnite XP Glitch Gives Unlimited XP In Season 4

Another Fortnite XP glitch rewards players with unlimited XP. This glitch is perfect for those players who cannot play enough to complete the Battle Pass.

Once again, gaining XP and Battle Pass levels is extremely easy. To perform the XP glitch, Fortnite players simply need to join a Creative map, perform a couple of actions, and they will gain XP passively.

If you are interested in the latest Fortnite XP glitch, we have a detailed guide for you in this article. The article will cover everything you need to know, including how many levels you can get from the glitch.

Fortnite XP glitch grants players unlimited XP

Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4 was released on Sunday, September 18, yet some players have already reached level 200. Leveling up beyond this level doesn’t make sense from a Battle Pass perspective since Epic Games locks all the super styles at this level.

Leveling up in the current Fortnite season is extremely easy. However, it still requires completing challenges, which is something not all players can do.

If you are one of the players who cannot play the game long enough to catch up with the Battle Pass, the latest Fortnite XP glitch is perfect for you. In order to do it, you have to follow just a couple of simple steps:

  • Open up the game mode menu
  • To to the Island Code tab
  • Enter 6101-9537-4403
  • Join the game through Private matchmaking
  • Go up the ramp and interact with the green AFK XP button
  • Fall down to the main 1v1 arena
  • Build a floor on the right side of the waterfall
  • Interact with the invisible button at the edge of the floor piece
  • Wait for 10 minutes
  • Interact with two more invisible buttons in the secret room

Once you build a floor piece and interact with the invisible button, you will be teleported to a secret room. In this room, you will see two characters. Each of them has an invisible button you need to interact with.

Fortnite XP glitch
Fortnite XP glitch is perfect for quick Battle Pass levels in Chapter 3 – Season 4 (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Keep in mind that interacting with one button will teleport you back to the starting area. To get the most out of the Fortnite XP glitch, you will have to go back to the secret room and interact with the second invisible button.

If you are not sure how to perform the glitch, please watch the video guide.

The total XP you can gain from the glitch varies from one player to another. However, even without supercharged XP, you can still gain more than 30,000 XP per 10 minutes, which equals to more than two Battle Pass levels per hour.

You can gain unlimited XP with this Fortnite XP glitch. Epic Games has removed the Creative XP cap, meaning that players can earn millions of XP in this mode.

Other ways to earn XP

Once you follow all the steps above, you will start receiving a lot of XP from the glitch. However, if you can spend some time interacting with the game, you can gain even more XP and Battle Pass levels.

 Huge XP button
The Huge XP button can be used every 30 minutes (Image Credit: Epic Games)

There are a couple of ways you can benefit even more from the latest Fortnite XP glitch. To gain even more XP, visit the XP shop by interacting with the green button. In this room, you can gain extra levels by performing the following actions:

  • Eliminating chickens and exchanging gold for XP
  • Fishing metal and exchanging it for XP
  • Destroying tomato heads
  • Picking up the Gold Fortnite coin
  • Interacting with the Huge XP button every 30 minutes

Thanks to these actions, you can multiply the amounts of levels you can from the Fortnite XP glitch. However, these actions are not necessary to perform.



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