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Fortnite XP Map Rewards Players With 5 Million XP

The new Fortnite XP map gives players a quick and easy way to progress through the Battle Pass in Chapter 3 – Season 4. The map is incredible and players can earn millions of XP by staying in it.

Once again, the Fortnite XP map requires players to join the Creative mode with a special code. After this, it’s extremely easy to set up the map and use it to level up.

This article contains a detailed guide on how to benefit from the latest XP map in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4. We have added both a video and a text guide to make sure that everything is clear.

Latest Fortnite XP map rewards millions of XP

What makes the latest Fortnite XP map special is the amount of XP that it gives to players. It is possible to get more than 200,000 XP in the first 10 minutes and more than 1 million XP per hour.

Considering that one session of the Creative mode lasts for four hours, the map grants up to 5 million XP per session. In other words, it is possible to gain more than 50 Battle Pass levels with it!

Each level (until level 200) in the current Fortnite Battle Royale season requires players to earn 80,000 XP. This means that the latest XP map rewards more than 10 levels per hour, which is incredible.

If you want to see a short video guide on how to gain XP with the latest map, please watch the video above. Alternatively, we’ve provided a text guide below that contains step-by-step instructions.

Here is how you can benefit from the latest Fortnite XP map:

  • Open Fortnite
  • Go to the game mode selection menu
  • Open the Island Code tab
  • Enter 3638-3071-4353 as the island code
  • Join through the Private matchmaking
Fortnite XP map
The latest Fortnite XP map is incredible for leveling up (Image Credit: Epic Games)

As soon as you enter the map, you will start earning XP. At this point, you don’t have to do anything else if you are satisfied with the amount of XP that you gain. However, there are a few more steps you can take to gain even more levels.

To gain even more XP, please follow the rest of the guide located below.

Gain even more XP

To get the most out of the latest Fortnite XP map, you need to locate the yellow pad that shows off the best player in the game. This is where you need to build three floors facing the wall on the outside. If you are not sure how to do it, please check out the video.

When you build three floors, you need to look down and find an invisible button that you need to interact with. This button will send you to a secret room that has a countdown.

fortnite xp
Interacting with Battle Stars rewards you with even more XP (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the countdown to hit zero at this point. The good thing, however, is that you will be gaining XP while waiting for the countdown to end.

Once the countdown hits zero, the barrier in the secret room will disappear and reveal two Battle Stars on the opposing wall. You need to interact with both of them to gain even more XP.

At this point, you can simply enter the Bouncers room and you will be gaining Battle Pass levels every few minutes. The button to enter the Bouncers room is located in the main area, the area that you spawn in once you enter the Creative map.



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