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How To Enter Fortnite Bot Lobby in Chapter 4 – Season 1

Fortnite bot lobbies allow players to practice their skills and complete challenges without getting interrupted by other players. These lobbies are great and players can access them whenever they want.

It is important to note that wins in a Fortnite bot lobby don’t count. Furthermore, players can no longer earn Victory Crowns from this game mode either, which makes sense.

Epic Games released Fortnite bot lobbies with the release of Chapter 2. This is when skill-based matchmaking came to the video game, and the purpose of bot lobbies is to help beginners learn the game.

If you want to know how to enter a Fortnite bot lobby in Chapter 4 – Season 1, this guide will help you.

Enter Fortnite bot lobby in Chapter 4

Fortnite bot lobby
The purpose of a Fortnite bot lobby is to help new players learn the game (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Entering a Fortnite bot lobby is one of the easiest things. However, setting it up for the first time takes a bit more time and requires creating a new Epic Games account.

As many players are aware, new Fortnite players get into bot lobbies straight away. This helps them learn the basics of the game and get a few eliminations before they play against real players.

The idea is to just make a new Fortnite account and join it for a Duos match.

If you want to enter a Fortnite bot lobby, please follow these simple steps:

  • Create a new Epic Games account at this page
  • Log in to Fortnite Battle Royale with the new account
  • Invite the new account to your lobby
  • Join a Duos, Trios, or Squads match
Bot lobbies can be used to complete the Battle Pass easily

Once you do this, you will enter a Fortnite bot lobby. This means that every player you encounter will be a computer-controller player. For example, if you join a Duos match, you will play against 98 bots.

You have to keep in mind, however, that at some point, you will stop getting bot lobbies on your new account if you keep playing on it. To prevent this, simply quit the match with the new account as soon as you join the spawn island.

Fortnite bot lobbies
To stay in Fortnite bot lobbies, quit the match with your new account when you join the spawn island (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Entering a Fortnite bot lobby requires two devices, but if you don’t have a second gaming system, we got you covered. This guide will explain how to join bot lobbies even if you don’t have a second device.

Play Fortnite with a bot account without the second device

If you don’t have a second gaming system, you can still join a Fortnite bot lobby. You can do this by signing up for GeForce Now or Microsoft Cloud Gaming.

These two services are free and allow you to play Fortnite Battle Royale without downloading it to your device. Thanks to the services, you can also play the popular game on iPhones and iPads.

To join a Fortnite bot lobby, simply visit sign up for GeForce Now or Microsoft Cloud Gaming. You can log in with your new account using one of these two services and invite the account to your lobby.

Fortnite bot lobbies can be played through GeForce Now (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Bot lobbies are amazing if you also want to finish weekly challenges quickly as there are no enemy players who will try to eliminate you.

Bots are extremely easy to defeat, which is why you should use these lobbies if you struggle to complete challenges.



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