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Latest Fortnite Ban Wave Falsely Banned Thousands of Players

The latest Fortnite ban wave took place on Thursday, September 8. Epic Games has banned thousands of players, but it turns out that they were banned without a reason. Fortunately, the video game developer unbanned players and they have regained access to the video game.

This Fortnite ban was Epic’s fault and the reason behind it came with the v21.50 update. The update, which was released on August 30, brought back the Late Game Arena mode. This game mode messed up a few things and flagged players as cheaters.

Fortnite ban affected thousands of players

As many Fortnite players are aware, the Late Game Arena mode did not work as intended when it was just unvaulted. Many players were excited about its return, but the hype quickly died as the game mode had numerous problems on its first day.

The biggest problem with the game mode is that matches wouldn’t start. Players would be stuck on the spawn island when the countdown reached zero, which is what eventually caused them to receive a Fortnite ban.

Fortnite ban wave
Fortnite ban wave affected Late Game Arena players (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Even though players were not sent to the Battle Bus, the video game considered that players were in a real match instead of on a spawn island. This is why players were able to damage and kill each other in the starting zone.

Unfortunately, Epic Games automatically flagged this behavior as teaming, leading to a massive Fortnite ban wave. Many players were next to each other and did not attack, which is what triggered the automatic penalty.

Epic Games solved the issue

Unsurprisingly, many Fortnite Battle Royale players complained about the ban. They did not do anything against the rules, yet they were banned for two weeks, which wasn’t acceptable.

Fortunately, Epic Games unbanned all the players who were affected by the massive Fortnite ban. Players had to restart their game clients to regain access to the game modes.

Fortnite ban
There are many different offenses that could lead to a Fortnite ban (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The anti-cheat system in Fortnite Battle Royale is amazing and definitely functional. Unfortunately, there are some instances where it bans players who aren’t supposed to be banned. Epic Games will most likely improve this system at some point, but until then, it will sometimes falsely ban players.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will come out in less than two weeks. If everything goes according to plan, Epic Games will release the new Fortnite season on Sunday, September 18.



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