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Latest Fortnite Glitch Completely Breaks the Game

The latest Fortnite glitch completely breaks the game. The glitch was released with a small content update that was released on Tuesday, November 8.

As many Fortnite players remember, the update added the Dial-A-Drop item. This new item allows players to call in a supply drop, a health drop, or a vehicle drop at any time they wish.

Unfortunately, the new Fortnite glitch exists because of this item. By using it, players are able to get infinite loot and win games without much effort. Here is everything you need to know about the glitch.

Latest Fortnite glitch grants easy wins

The Dial-A-Drop is a consumable item that has an Epic (Purple) rarity. Once players use it, it disappears from the inventory. However, the latest Fortnite glitch allows players to use the item infinite times.

This is incredibly overpowered since players can use it to get a full Legendary loadout. Furthermore, vehicles and health drops can be called with the item, which makes the new Fortnite glitch even more game-breaking.

Fortnite glitch
The latest Fortnite glitch allows players to get infinite supply drops (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The glitch is very simple, which is why so many players have decided to try it out. It requires almost no effort to set it up properly, yet the payout is huge.

To use the glitch, players simply need to use the Dial-A-Drop item and drop it immediately after. This procedure needs to be done quickly in order to keep the item in inventory, which is why it requires some practice.

Fortnite glitch
The new glitch allows players to get as many supply drops as they wish (Image Credit: Epic Games)

By using this glitch, Fortnite players are able to call in infinite supply drops to their location, which gives them a massive advantage over their opponents.

Considering how serious the new glitch is, we expect Epic Games to patch it very quickly. If it’s not patched by Monday, November 14, the development team will most likely fix it with the next Fortnite update.

The v22.40 update is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15. It’s the fourth major update in Chapter 3 – Season 4 and will bring a lot of new content to the video game.



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