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New Fortnite Glitch Gives Players Easy Wins

New Fortnite glitch allows players to get easy victories in Chapter 3 – Season 3. This glitch has been in the game for just one day, but players are hoping that Epic Games will fix it as soon as possible since it ruins experience for many players.

As players are aware, the UFOs (Saucers) have been unvaulted on Friday, August 12. There have been several problems with these vehicles that players have discovered so far. However, the latest Fortnite glitch is probably the biggest problem of all.

Fortnite glitch lets players win games without effort

To perform the new Fortnite glitch, players simply need to grab a UFO at one of its locations. Furthermore, this needs to be done on the island when the Butter Bloom has a Neo Titled theme. This is important because it includes grabbing an air vent from the location.

Once players grab a UFO, they need to go to Butter Bloom and grab an air vent from one of the roofs in the area. After this, they simply need to go up with the UFO. While there is a height limit, air vents make UFOs go beyond it, and even out of the render zone.

Due to this Fortnite glitch, players can go up so high that they will be invisible to enemies. Because of this, enemies will not be able to damage them, which means that players can get easy victories with UFOs. Victories can be earned through either a heal-off or by eliminating enemies with UFO’s weapons.

Will Epic Games fix the glitch?

UFOs will be available in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3 only through the weekend. Epic Games will vault them on Monday, August 15. However, we can expect the game developer to fix the glitch very soon.

After all, Epic Games fixed the boulder glitch less than an hour after it was discovered by the community. Furthermore, the new Fortnite glitch was posted by GKI, a popular YouTuber who is well known for sharing glitches. It appears that Epic follows this channel and patches glitches shortly after the YouTuber posts them.



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