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New Fortnite Update Adds New Feature, Unvaults Fan-Favorite Weapons, and More

Fortnite Battle Royale has just received another major update. The v23.40 update was released on Tuesday, February 14, and has brought a lot of new content to the popular video game.

Epic Games has added numerous things with it, including a new gameplay feature, a free skin, and many new items. Additionally, Epic has unvaulted several fan-favorite weapons with the latest update.

This article covers all the most important things added with the update. Let’s take a look at all the new content added with it!

New Fortnite update adds a new gameplay feature and free skin

The Most Wanted feature made a debut with the v23.40 update. This feature will be in the game for at least two weeks and players can earn a free skin (pictured above) by completing its special quests.

With the new feature, players are able to move faster, heal themselves out of combat, and earn gold bars by eliminating enemies. However, as their heat (wanted level) gets higher, they get marked for other players.

The Gold Blooded skin will be available for free for a limited time. To earn this skin, players have to complete Most Wanted quests.

Considering that the Most Wanted event ends on February 28, the skin will be available for free for two weeks. However, Epic Games will most likely release it to the Item Shop at a later date.

Several fan-favorite weapons have been unvaulted

Epic Games has unvaulted several fan-favorite Fortnite weapons with the v23.40 update as well. Two sniper rifles, Heavy Sniper and Boom Sniper Rifle, can now be obtained.

Additionally, Epic has brought back Dual Pistols, as well as the Hop Rock Duelies. However, players who prefer slow-firing weapons will be able to obtain and use the Hand Cannon, which is very powerful.

Finally, the P90 submachine gun was also added back with the latest Fortnite update. This fast-firing weapon is incredible for close-range combat and is a perfect addition to the current season.

Chapter 4 – Season 1 will be much more entertaining with these unvaulted weapons and it will be interesting to see how players adjust to them.

New Exotic weapons in Fortnite

Besides unvaulting older weapons, Epic Games has also added a number of new Exotic weapons that are now available in the video game. Here is a list of them:

  • Explosive Assault Rifle: Fires explosive round projectiles
  • Breacher Shotgun: Destroys buildings instantly
  • Accelerant Shotgun: Increases movement speed and fire rate as you damage enemies
  • Run ‘N’ Gun SMG: Slap Juice effect and reloads your while sprinting
  • Blink Mag SMG: Grants Zero Point Dash for a few seconds after reloading

These new weapons are very powerful and will be game-changers.

It’s important to note that Epic has also released four new Reality Augments to Fortnite Battle Royale. One of these augments gives players a random Exotic item, which can be used to obtain one of the new weapons.



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