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New Fortnite XP Glitch Grants Quick Battle Pass Levels

There is a new Fortnite XP glitch that players can use to gain quick levels in Chapter 3 – Season 4 Battle Pass. The glitch is perfect for those who cannot play often as it provides passive levels.

It’s important to note that, contrary to popular belief, Epic Games does not ban players for using Fortnite XP glitches. These glitches are done in the Creative mode and this mode is intended to grant XP to players.

With the new glitch, you can earn thousands of XP every minute and it’s possible to gain up to 50 levels per session.

However, XP gained varies from one player to another, but give it a try and let us know how much XP you’ve received in the comment section.

Fortnite XP glitch is perfect for leveling up

In this article, we’ve prepared an easy guide that will help you get the most out of the latest Fortnite XP glitch. To trigger it, you need to follow a few simple steps. After this, you can simply stay away from your gaming system and you will keep receiving XP.

The glitch is perfect for anyone who cannot play the game often. Staying in the Creative map for five minutes equals to one weekly challenge, which is great.

Here are the steps you need to follow to benefit from the new Fortnite XP glitch:

  • Launch the game
  • Open the game mode selection
  • Go to the Island Code tab
  • Enter 3638-3071-4353 as the code
  • Join the game through private matchmaking
Fortnite XP glitch
The latest Fortnite XP glitch is perfect for anyone who wants easy and quick Battle Pass levels (Image Credit: Epic Games)

As soon as you complete these steps, you will start receiving XP. However, there are a few more steps you should take to get even more XP:

  • Find the matchmaking device
  • Build three floors behind it
  • Interact with the invisible button found on the third floor
  • Wait for the countdown to hit zero
  • Interact with both XP buttons

If something is not clear, please watch the video guide provided in the article. Furthermore, please keep in mind that public matchmaking will not work for this Fortnite XP glitch. If you want to level up, you will have to be in private matchmaking.

In order to avoid getting kicked by the game, go back to the main area and enter the Bouncers Room.

If you have any questions regarding the glitch, please post the comment below and we’ll do our best to answer you.



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