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Next Fortnite Season Will Most Likely Be Postponed

The next season is currently scheduled to be released on Sunday, December 4. Chapter 3 – Season 4 ends on Saturday, and there will be an extended downtime after a live event.

Unfortunately, it appears that Epic Games may postpone the next season of the popular video game. The development team hinted at this within the game, and if it turns out to be true, the next Fortnite season will be postponed by two weeks.

This article will reveal everything about the next Fortnite season and its possible delay. It will also explain the reason for the delay.

Next Fortnite season might be postponed by two weeks

As of early November, Chapter 3 – Season 4 is supposed to end on December 4. However, there is an indication that Epic Games will postpone it for another Sunday. More specifically, Chapter 3 – Season 5 could come on December 18.

While the development team hasn’t specifically released anything about the delay, the new questline indicates that the current season of the video game will be extended.

Fortnite season
Next Fortnite season might be postponed by two weeks (Image Credit: Epic Games)

As many Fortnite players are aware, Epic Games released The Herald questline with the v22.30 update. By completing this questline, players are able to unlock The Herald skin, who is the main antagonist of the season.

However, if you look closely at the challenges, they expire in six weeks as of November 5. This means that the current season ends in 42 days, which would fall on Saturday, December 17.

The current season will most likely have a live event, and most live events are released on Saturdays. After the event, there will be an extended downtime, which will probably last for 12 hours, meaning that Chapter 3 – Season 5 will be released on Sunday.

The next live event will happen at the end of the current Fortnite season

There is a reason why Epic Games made the new questline available until December 17. It is very unlikely, almost impossible, that The Herald questline will be available in the next season. After all, The Herald is a Battle Pass character, so making her available in Chapter 3 – Season 5 makes no sense.

Epic may postpone the next season of Fortnite Battle Royale due to the release of Creative 2.0. This will be one of the biggest updates in the history of the video game, so the development team may need more time to prepare everything.

The next Fortnite update will be released on Tuesday, November 15. With this update, we will most likely get more information regarding the upcoming live event and the next season.



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