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Patrick Mahomes Is Coming to Fortnite

Patrick Mahomes is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games has announced. The NFL quarterback will be released to the game on Thursday, August 24. However, players will be able to earn his cosmetic items for free.

The NFL MVP will have two different outfits and many other accessories. He will be an Icon Series skin, which means that the cost of the skin will probably be 1,500 V-Bucks.

Patrick Mahomes Fortnite skin can be earned for free

Epic Games will let Fortnite players win both Patrick Mahomes skins for free. The video game developer will release the Patrick Mahomes Cup on Wednesday, August 23.

Like before, top players from every Fortnite region will compete for cosmetic items. This time, however, players will get two skins instead of one, a back bling, and an emoticon. While the first three items will be difficult to earn, the emoticon will be given to everyone who earns eight points, which should be extremely easy.

Patrick Mahomes
The Patrick Mahomes Fortnite skin can be earned in the special tournament (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The scoring system favors survival and placement, so make sure to survive for as long as possible if you want to earn the Patrick Mahomes Fortnite skin. Victory Royale is worth 30 points, yet each elimination only gives a single point to players.

To compete in the cup, please check the Compete tab in the game for the exact time. Also, make sure to have two-factor authentication enabled and reach account level 50.

Other Fortnite cosmetic items are coming with NFL MVP

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback will receive several accessories that players will be able to buy from the Item Shop. These items will come out on Thusday.

  • Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling
  • Snap Axes Pickaxe:
  • Endzone Elite Wrap
  • Showtime Emote
  • The Good Stuff Back Bling

The Patrick Mahomes Fortnite skin comes in two different styles, which makes it look really amazing. Both of these styles will be obtainable with the upcoming tournament.



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