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These Fortnite Accounts Are in Danger, Here Is How To Fix Them

Epic Games has released some big changes to Fortnite Battle Royale in the last two weeks. Unfortunately, some of these changes are not positive and they can easily affect your Fortnite account.

As many players are aware, Epic Games released the so-called “Cabinet Accounts” in Fortnite. This change was released on Wednesday, December 7, just a few days after the release of Chapter 4.

Due to these accounts, some players may lose access to the popular video game. However, there is a simple solution that you can use to keep your Fortnite Battle Royale account and avoid its deletion.

Your Fortnite account may be in danger

Fortnite may have already asked you for your birthday

If you’ve played Fortnite Battle Royale during Chapter 4, there is a good chance that you’ve been already asked for your birthday. If not, this will happen very soon and you will have to provide your date of birth.

This is where the Cabinet Accounts play an important role. Young players will have to provide their parent’s or guardian’s email address in order to access their accounts.

Here is what Epic Games wrote regarding the latest change:

With a Cabined Account, you will be able to play Fortnite with full access to previously purchased or earned content in-game but will need Parental Controls to be set in order to access certain features. Once your parent sets up Parental Controls, your experience will respect the settings they select and your account will no longer be a Cabined Account. 

Epic Games

Considering that this is an important change, you will have to enter your birthday when Epic Games asks you to do so.

You will have to enter your birthday to keep playing Fortnite

It’s important to note that Fortnite is rated Teen, due to violence. However, there are some laws regarding the metaverse, and due to this, Epic Games is obligated to ask for this personal information.

Fortnite has a lot of different characters from various universes, and due to this, its rating may vary. However, if you finish the process and confirm your age, your Fortnite account will be safe.



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